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If you like horses and horse races, then with Runners and Riders a dream comes true. In this virtual horse land you´ll receive your own horse, and the best thing about it: this horse online game is free to play! Also, you don´t need heavy PC hardware to enjoy this game because you can run Runners and Riders right in your browser.

The world of horses is full of interesting surprises. You can have horse eventings in Runners and Riders, in which you send your jockey to big races in order to win great prizes.

You can manage your own horse breed and breed the best horses the world has ever known.

It´s also possible to just bet on other races so you win some cash and resources, that you can invest into better equipment for your horse and your jockey.


Starting a new game in Runners and Riders - a quick tutorial

You can register at Runners and Riders for free. After your free registration, you can play the game without limitations. In the beginning, you get to know your first cool virtual horse! You'll have your first horse race, and hopefully you'll win it!

After that, you'll go to the airport and fly to the next horse eventing, where you should win again. The first horse eventing was just the preliminaries, while the second horse race was the real horse race.

Now, after gaining your first glory as a horse master and horse jockey, it's time to do some betting! At the ticket center you can decide to wager on 1 of 8 horses. Of course, you can also bet on several horses, but of course this will cost you more wager tickets (which you will win for free throughout the game). You'll see the outcome of the race later on.

For now, you have to open your backpack and go to the horse section. By the way: it's impossible to to something wrong in the beginning, because the Runners and Riders tutorial lets you click on the right spots, only - a really nice feature for a free online horse game!

So, now arriving at the section for your virtual horse in your backpack, you have to select a Gale Mask, a Gale Stirrup and a Gale Horseshoe as a new equipment for your cool horse. Via drag and drop you can put it on your horse, so it runs faster and jumps higher.

Since your horse is much stronger now, we participate in the next challenge. In this horse eventing, we will win again!

For completing this challenge, we'll level up and gain access to the science center for free. There you can upgrade your cool horse and make it even stronger, thanks to the better stats of your horse equipment upgrades. All you need for upgrading is Ore.

In the science center of Riders and Horses it's also possible to synthesize. Just pick a Harness equipment and a Stone, and afterwards it will have a new Stat.

After this, the big moment comes true: you'll receive your own hotel in the Holyday Resort. Here you can earn additional money. Every 10 minutes you'll receive a small amount of profit, so don't forget to collect it.

The next step of your Runners and Riders career is a journey to Japan. Here, you'll learn how to equip your Jockey with better gear, like a whip and goggles.

Shortly after that, you training ground will be unlocked. Here you can pick from 6 different training programs for your horse. You can start by enhancing the speed and the stamina.

You can hire and additional trainer for your horse, and Runners and Riders lets you upgrade your whole training facility. Just remember that your horse needs some rest after a couple of training sessions.

Next up, you'll meet the Prince of Dubai, who might give you some more advices.

Next up, you'll meet the Prince of Dubai, who might give you some more advices.

By the way: make sure to take your time! Runners and Riders is all about endurance! After you have logged in a couple of days in a row, you’ll receive a pretty nice reward! You will have the chance to participate in Lucky Draw, where you receive a random reward.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Dubai has sent us into the Sahara, where we find some upgrades and better equipment. So, although the Sahara is a very hot und unhealthy place, in Runners and Riders it’s very good to visit the desert!

The upgrades from the Sahara made it possible to win the upcoming eventings, but only if you train your horse with a senior trainer and equip all your new stuff.

Also, and very important, are tactics for your jockey. First, you’ll receive an attack tactic, which makes your enemies slower. After that, you’ll receive three different assist-tactics, which help your own horse to become better during the race.

In your future career in Runners and Riders, you’ll have to think about your tactics, and make sure, that you use the right ones in order to win.

In this case, you can just pick the tactic cards the way the Runners and Riders - tutorial tells you to do. In consequence, you’ll win the whole Dubai eventing, and the Prince of Dubai will give another hint to you.

This time, you get to know, that your horse is sick. Dealing with sickness is very easy in Runners and Riders: just go into the Health Center, and take care of your horse. As a start basic care is good enough.

Now your horse feels good again, and it’s time to breed. In the Breed Center, you pick your Foal and a Stallion that matches your taste. That’s it, the two are in love now. With Angel Cards you can enhance the success rate of the breeding. In this case, evetything works out just fine and you’ll receive a second race horse.

By now, you know almost all the basics of Runners and Riders. We wish you all the best as a horse trainer und Runners and Riders, the free online horse game for your browser!

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