Xbox One delayed even further in some countries

Xbox One console delayed by at least 10 months in some countries that still haven't recieved a first day launch.

Reports state that the Xbox One won’t be launching in four of its eight regions in which it was delayed, until later on next year. Sources told European gaming site Game Reactor of the same delay back in August when it was originally delayed past the November launch. 

The source is supposed to be trusted heavily by Game Reactor, and if true it means that people in Nordic regions won’t be getting the console until late next year, sometime after Q3 of 2014. This postpones the current delay from November 2013 to almost 10 months after release of the Xbox One. The current countries affected by the delay are Russia, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. 

There is no restriction on whether or not a hardcore fan of Microsoft can import their own console from countries & websites that will ship to their “Microsoft free zone” at the moment. Fans can still buy the console and have them shipped to their house in order to play the console, but it will cost significantly more than buying it locally. 

These issues could mean that Microsoft has run into some internal trouble in terms of shipping and establishing local connections. It’s unclear if Europe has something similar to a Gamestop like in North America, but if there is, it’s heavily barring contact with Microsoft it seems.