Star Citizen reaches $17 Million overnight

With almost 35, 000 people backing Star Citizen on Kickstarter as of this weekend, the game jumped from a $15 million funding pool to $17 million in what seemed like a night

Star Citizen reaches $17 million overnight


        With almost 35, 000 people backing Star Citizen on Kickstarter as of this weekend, the game jumped from a $15 million funding pool to $17 million in what seemed like a night. The game has been welcomed with arms open wide by the PC gaming community as ex game developer Chris Roberts has made a return to creating games after a 20 year hiatus, his last noted games released were Wing Commander and Freelancer.


        Star Citizen is advertised as the “console killer” and is supposed to be the next biggest PC game to launch in 2014. In development since late 2012 by Cloud Imperium Games with Chris Roberts behind the project, he aims to create an MMO Space Sim that pushes the boundaries of modern day gaming using technology that wasn’t available 2 years ago.


        With Roberts behind the wheel, apparently the PC gaming industry can only get better, he aims to combine an MMO with the same feel of his previous games, more aiming towards Wing Commander. With incredible aspirations of “bringing back PC Gaming” Roberts plans on creating the game under one single shard, otherwise known as a server. While most MMO’s and MMORPG’s operate on multiple shards housing a select amount of people on it at once, Roberts wants every player to be able to experience their own story, but participate in others


Are the goals too high?


        It’s nothing new to see a developer come out of nowhere promising more than the world and delivering less than a grain of sand in comparison, but will Star Citizen and Chris Roberts be different? Almost 35, 000 people believe so, and not only different, but the majority believes it will be vastly different. So different in fact, it’s apparently worth almost two million dollars overnight. It took only 32 days to reach the games goal of $500, 000 and was recorded at $15, 000, 000 in early August, the game isn’t scheduled to come out until 2014.


            With an incredible amount of backing on the project, and a seemingly too good promise of things to come, what will come for Star Citizen? The game will include seamless multiplayer and single player, offering the ability to drop in an out of game at any moment and continue your story along the path of Squadron 42, the single player aspect of the game. Star Citizen is said to radically change the way that PC games will be experienced and plays, the developers mutter on about pixel count, graphical changes and improvements, customization to extreme levels and incredible amounts of exploration.


            Roberts goes as far as saying the game will include full Oculus Rift support, combine that with the intense graphics that have so far been shown, and first person interaction with the world above, and Below you. The game shows plenty of promise through its space exploration and combat system, it will be based on dogfighting in the universe with a feel similar to Roberts’ game from the 90’s, Wing Commander.

But with all of these promises and aspirations that Roberts has, are the goals even reachable or feasible by 2014? The team at Cloud Imperium and Roberts have been extremely transparent with everything that they have been doing, with weekly blog posts, video posts, screenshots, and ever rising kickstarter rewards it seems the sky is the limit for Star Citizen.  Call me a cynic but I find it hard to believe in some of the promises, an MMO universe on a single shard with seamless compatibility between all players including a deep and rich storyline behind your character with you and your imagination (or lack there-of) being the only thing stopping you from doing things, let’s just hope the team will deliver.



            What do you think of Star Citizen and the hype surrounding it? Have you personally backed it and if so, are you looking forward what could be one of the next best PC games to be released? Leave your thoughts down Below or join in on the discussion on the forums.