Scale & Obduction both meet Kickstarter goals

Two great games with great ideas behind them get fully funded at astounding goals, but how great will they be?

This week on Kickstarter two incredible looking games met their Kickstarter goals with just a few days left, and you have every right to be excited about them. 

Scale is a free roam puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from games like Portal and The Swapper. Scale utilizes mechanics like using a “Scaleing gun” to shrink or expand any object in the players’ environment to help the player progress through the world. The game will be free roam and will progress like Mario 64, it is described as “all about exploring and discovering secrets”. 

Scale has received incredible amounts of feedback and press spotlights so far, what better than to keep the ball rolling? Scale reached its Kickstarter goal of $87,000 and is currently at $93,592. The game is well received and looks to be one of the most unique projects I’ve seen on Kickstarter so far. Scale’s stretch goals include: Oculus Rift support, Sandbox mode, Level Editor & PS4 development. 


Another fantastic looking project that reached its goal this week was Obduction. Obduction comes from the creators of Myst and Riven, Cyan Inc. Obduction is a first-person adventure that will bring back the feeling of being lost in a world and having to explore and immerse in order to overcome. The project idea and the screenshots look incredible, the idea is simple, yet serves to be different from today’s current industry. Cyan Inc avidly tries their best to separate themselves from everybody else and once again, they’ve turned to something other than corporation to make a game. 

Obduction looks incredible and will hopefully be incredible as well. It’s worrying that it will just be an updated Myst with better graphics and better design, but maybe that might not be such a terrible thing given Myst’s popularity. Obduction reached it’s astounding $1.1 Million goal today and it’s stretch goals include: Oculus Rift support & One additional world + “Roadtrip Mode”.