Risk of Rain launches today on steam

An action packed indie roguelike that brings the "holy crap" back to bosses and enemies. Will you take a dive?

A very interesting and unique game is hitting the proverbial shelves on Steam today, and that is Risk of Rain by hopoo games. Risk of Rain is a genuinely good 2D platformer with a 5 tiled background to include the feeling of 3D, it combines the 8bit graphical style similar of Terraria with a loot system like Binding of Isaac. Risk of Rain is one of the coolest indie games I have played in a long time, not to mention the music is absolutely stellar, it just flows through every aspect of the gameplay. Risk of rain is more than worth your time, and then some. 

This game can be played for hours on end without fail, and make you still crave more. The game has received constant updates since being in closed beta and it has been a great experience watching it grow. The game features a single player “campaign” of sorts with a short story that you have to play through, as you progress through the game you have to find and defeat certain hidden characters to then unlock them for your next playthrough. All classes are generally the same but the one unique thing is that they all have a certain way to be played, there is a right and a wrong way but there is no telling you how to play. 

Each class has 4 abilities that can be used to combat the never ending waves of aliens that you throw yourselves at. Each usually feature an autoattack, some form of “escape” ability and two other big hitting abilities. All classes vary and every class does something unique next to the others, but they are all very easy to get the hang of right off the bat, this allows for seamless switching as you try out new characters. 


Risk of Rain has something similar to a binding of Isaac loot table where all items are randomized and you pick them up as you go through the levels. Unlike Isaac there are unfortunately no items that will hurt or kill you, but all items stack, meaning if you get 4 of the same item, you might be overpowered. The items can be found in small crates that cost a small amount of money to get in to, or random shrines similar to Rogue Legacy. Each time you pray at the shrines the price goes up, and you get nothing in return if you fail to get an item. Each monster you kill gives you experience and money, and allows you to buy more items, the chests and other ways to obtain items get more expensive as the difficulty goes up however, so don’t take too long.

The game has been in production since December of 2012 and is coming out in little under a year. Made by Chris and Duncan from Hopoo, they both go to college full time and manage good grades despite being able to produce this gem in under a year. Chris and Duncan have to be doing something right since Chucklefish -- the recently popular studio behind Starbound --have decided to publish the game. 

chucRisk of Rain has big bosses, big guns, big powerups and even bigger explosions. The game should be releasing for $10 on steam today, and anybody that bought into the beta gets their full copy of the final build on release. The two guys behind the game are incredibly humble and very easy to talk to. Risk of Rain is one game that you don’t want to miss on Steam.