Microsoft suspending accounts that use “Excessive Profanity” in videos

Microsoft doesn't like Excessive Profanity, and not the lovable man that we know! Could you be banned for swearing?

Microsoft moderators have been on a righteous temporary ban spree as of late, for any users that are using “Excessive Profanity” in their videos uploaded via the Upload Studio on the Xbox One. A recent post on the XboxOne Reddit has sparked up some controversy over Microsoft’s banning policies after user MakVolci was banned with no explanation as to why, and came to the conclusion it was for using profanity in the video he uploaded to the Upload Studio, or chatting on…Skype?

MakVolci voiced concerns over using “The nickname of of the name Richard” in an upload with his Kinect, and was promptly banned for doing so. After getting a hold of a Microsoft representative, it was revealed to Mak that “there may be some issues with Skype and Upload Studio”, further strengthening the latest in the argument that Microsoft may be watching your Skype calls. 

“This is my experience with Skype” says MakVolci in his most recent update, "Was typing to my buddy on Skype, typed a few words of profanity talking about movies, and when I jumped back to Xbox One, it said I was banned from it for the same reason, citing "past behaviour.”

Somewhat concerning, at the very least it would be a very big PR disaster for Microsoft and the internet would probably mob them to death over Reddit. Thankfully Polygon reached out to Microsoft for a response, and the situation has been abated.

Here is Microsoft’s response:

"To be clear, the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement team does not monitor direct peer-to-peer communications like Skype chats and calls," the representative wrote. "Also, we take Code of Conduct moderation via Upload Studio very seriously. We want a clean, safe and fun environment for all users. Excessive profanity as well as other Code of Conduct violations will be enforced upon and result in suspension of some or all privileges on Xbox Live. We remain committed to preserving and promoting a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all of our Xbox Live members."