Fable: Legends might teach other RPG’s a thing or two

The last game in the Fable franchise was supposed to be the end of the story for the world of Albion, until the announcement in August for Fable Legends.

Since its initial announce at Gamescon In late August, Fable: Legends, LionHead UK studios newest release in the Fable franchise, has been stirring the pot of the video game news world and amassing quite a lot of questions, with almost an equal amount of answers.

The last game in the Fable franchise was supposed to be the end of the story for the world of Albion, until the announcement in August finally backed up the rumors and suspicions for fans of the well-known Fable universe. The game is set to take place in Albion as always, but with a different twist on the classic RPG elements that have always been in the previous games. Its sure to be a hit, especially after the disaster that was Fable 3, and should give fans of the series some much needed wind to keep exploring through the world of Albion. So much wind in fact, newly appointed head of studio at Lionhead made a statement this weekend past that he thinks the game “Will Evolve online for as many as ten years following its release”. 

The only unfortunate thing is that Lionhead’s Fable franchise is locked down to the Xbox for now as there has been no talk of a PC release, but so far it is supposed to be “taking advantage of the graphical processing power of the Xbox One, and when coupled with Unreal Engine 4, delivers a rich and beautiful world.”




Fable: Legends could stay true to the original Fable cookie cutter build that they have across all three games; start as a child, train yourself in the ways of SKILL, might, and will, go save the world or destroy it. But it seems they plan to have a different approach towards the later stages of the game, possibly enough to change the entire way the Fable series has been looked at. From the trailer released at Gamescon it gives off an impressive graphical image as well as it’s safe to say the voice acting is still superb (thank god it’s improved since Fable 1). But there is something revealed at the end of the trailer which indicates that you will be able to actually play versus other characters as well as participate in Co-Op.

The game is supposed to host a 4 player co-op system in which you can scour the world of Albion and help each other out while progressing through the story in the game. Multiplayer and Co-op were introduced in Fable 2 but and Fable 3 but they were never pushed as much as they have been now, I assume the life span of 5 to 10 years is supposed to be built around the assumption that the online play is going to keep it alive. The game will supposedly feature a mode that players can join against an enemy to try to survive waves of enemies and attacks thrown at you by the villain. Perhaps it will be something along the lines of the previous gladiator arenas Lionhead included in the predecessor games of the series, in the trailer it gives off the impression that the antagonist of these “arena” events will be able to change the shape of the land, create and control the monsters that are attacking the heroes, but hopefully participate in the events themselves. 

But what about the story?

These features could add an extremely new flavor to Fable as it’s something that has clearly never been done before in the series and the direction Lionhead is going for could definitely either spell Doom for Albion forever, or be one of the most interesting feature I’ve seen in an RPG to date. I can only hope Lionhead will continue tradition and have a gripping story as per their previous titles in the Fable series. I have always held the Fable games in high regard and compared almost every RPG I’ve played to date against Fable. There is something within the storytelling, the direction, and the choice of the game that offers an adventure unlike any other. The sheer delivery of emotion and feeling in every cutscene and the overwhelming attention to detail in the voice acting has always been the thing pulling me back to the Fable games, I can only hope they hold true to their additional style of game as well as push the boundaries with the multiplayer aspects.