Diablo III re-launches on PS3, hopefully with less issues

Will Diablo III's port to the PS3 prove successful for Blizzard to attract new players? Or is it just a cheap trick to line a few more pockets?

Diablo III re-launches on PS3, hopefully with less issues

            It’s been almost a year and a half now since Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game, Diablo III released on PC after keeping Diablo II fans in the DARK for nearly 10 years. The game was an incredible experience, between the extreme disconnects for the first 8 hours, the servers being shut down for 8 hours after release to implement a patch, and the incredible Rage and disappointment from previous Diablo fans, I’d say the game went off without a hitch.

            Regardless of the early problems in the game, it was truly a great experience to play through and to experience. Having never played Diablo II this was my first introduction to the world that is the Diablo saga. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the gameplay in the game, as well as how the story played out, I may have been one of the few that actually felt this way especially after release, but I was happy with my 1200 hours in the game. After a year and a half and only 1 month after an expansion announcement, Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to the console. But what gains do you get from playing it again?


The exact same content, again

        There is something very odd and extremely unnerving about the fact that Blizzard is re-launching and porting a game to console, for the exact same price as when it released, and is okay with it. Having put that many hours into the game I was very satisfied with the content I experienced throughout my playing, I just couldn’t possibly even bother with buying it again just so I could play on my couch instead of this uncomfortable leather thing I call a chair. But the only promises so far are that there will be a few cool legendary items that you will have available to you, these are essentially the only exclusive items that will be available on console. That’s right, no new areas, no new characters or classes, it’s a direct port to PS3 for the exact same price and you have the option to get a few more orange colored drops on your screen than you do on your PC version of the game.

            The lack of incentive to buy the game worries me about the intent behind releasing the game in the first place, the fact that Reaper of Souls is coming out soon as the first expansion to Diablo III, I guess it’s some sort of incentive to level up on your PS3 to gain access to the content and be prepared for it before the new areas drop. But if you’ve already played the PC version and put plenty of hours into it like I have, what is the incentive or reason to buy it? I won’t lie if the game was $30 instead of $60 I would probably buy it because I haven’t played in a year, but that’s either me just being cheap or being broke, but what advantage is offered?

            One could say that the angle Blizzard is trying to take is merely trying to include a new community to the ever growing Diablo series, porting the game from PC opens it up to a multitude of new possibilities in terms of gaining new loyal customers and allowing more people to enjoy your game. The game has been out since May of 2012 however, some argue that not everybody has the option to buy PC’s that can handle gaming as well as others, some argue that people might not be interested in PC gaming altogether, but that market seems extremely small when you combine it with people that have been wanting to play Diablo on console. Has there really been that many people begging Blizzard to release the game on console, or are they just trying to expand their market and reach out to new players to let them experience the game? I only wish they had added a bit more content, even a new dungeon area to go through, to add some kind of change to the game instead of just making a PC to console port of a game everyone beat a year and a few months ago.

            The one thing that constantly drew me back to Diablo III was the grind, it was the attaining of new items and the constant quest for getting more of them. If the console version had more options or even a few more monsters to add something, anything new to the game I would seriously consider checking out how it plays on the PS3, but alas there is no point for me to spend my money, especially with having to pay again for the expansion in a few months time.

            What about you? Do you think that Diablo III on the console is a pointless money grab or do you think that there is truly a motive to include more people to the universe of Diablo III, and Blizzard is just trying to reach out to new platforms? Leave your thoughts Below or join in on the discussion on the forums.