Cities of Tomorrow expansion comes to Sim City

EA is back with your favorite DRM free always online game, this time with an expansion! Brotatoe offers his thoughts on it.

EA Games is at it again and to no surprise they are back with yet another expensive DLC that offers barely anything and contributes very little, yet has so many possibilities that could have made the game better, and costs a whole lot. Typical EA right? 

The Cities of Tomorrow announce trailer was released yesterday and even though the wonderful voice acting of Morgan Freeman (or someone WAY too close) should be enough to make anyone want to buy anything, this just doesn’t cut it. The expansion offers new regions and city specializations, new transportation methods. Included as well are MegaTowers that allow for different kinds of zones to be built atop each other. If you get tired of your city though, don’t worry, you can always destroy it with that brand new disaster that comes with the expansion pack, a giant robot attack. All of these things will most likely cost somewhere around $20 if EA’s past ventures and traditions have proven any points, the expansion releases on November 12th, and you’ll once again get absolutely nothing even worth buying.



This expansion offers absolutely nothing players are asking for, even one look at the youtube video comments are a great determining factor of what players actually want. There are almost 500 comments on the video so far and the majority of them are either asking for bigger plot sizes (which they have been for months now) or arguing with other people about why there should be bigger plot sizes. Plot sizes EA, it isn’t a difficult thing, people want bigger pieces of land and they want to build farther into the landscape instead. I’ve never played a previous SimCity for longer than an hour but as far as I remember the land plots were FAR larger. 

Besides the horrendous login issues at the release of this game, it was actually fairly entertaining for a while. I invested about a weeks’ worth of time into the game and actually enjoyed myself quite a bit, but that was it, a week. The game was essentially the exact same thing over and over, which is apparently entertaining to some but I just couldn’t try and lie to myself that after a week, I wasn’t bored of doing the exact same thing each time. I understand the different options available during play, but they just seemed so scarce for a launch, you essentially got what could have been a $5 indie game for $60 and it left me feeling extremely ripped off, but it’s EA so that was to be expected. 

With the release of an expansion pack will there be a reason to actually play the game again? My guess is going to be no. They added a few new locations for you to play in, along with a couple of new buildings to build and a different way to build them, a new disaster and a few other things that are so trivial there is probably no reason to even invest the time in using them. 

There is something very unnerving about the fact that EA can constantly release these sub-par games and “DLC” that should have been in the game in the first place, and actually still consider themselves a competing and driving force in the video game industry. They might make good sales sure, but there are already people boycotting them and with the way the internet works nowadays when one person hates something, so do 10, 000 other people. I’m curious as to how long it takes until EA fizzles out into absolute nothingness because even their loyal fans get tired of their constant DLC and refusal to actually implement something worth it in their games.