Blizzard’s Reaper of Souls beta coming soon

Blizzard's newest game hits the early stages of beta, this time with more exclusivity and more content!

Just a few days ago, Blizzard started firing up their computers again to send even more beta invites, except this time for the Reaper of Souls beta. Keys have been sent to popular livestreamers on as well as Youtubers, friends and family and 3000 of the most active Diablo 3 players & forum users. The friends and family beta has been described as “extremely cut off” with the closed beta planning on being “even more exclusive”. Don’t get your hopes up for another key from blizzard like the past D3 beta!

In fact don’t get your hopes up at all for this beta, choosing to ditch the almost all bars on content, players are able to play right up to the last boss fight but cannot encounter the last boss. Essentially the entire game is available to beta players with the exception of the boss. The Loot 2.0 system will not be implemented until 2014, but some loot rolls have been included.

Graphics on the beta look incredible, the game is now darker and has been altered in some form making the game seem very eerie and truly giving you the feeling that you are wandering through a hellish land. From observation, almost all of the game has been graphically updated in some way including new animations and new abilities for Diablo herself. 

The addition of a new mode called “Adventure Mode” has been tried out by various livestreamers with positive feedback. Adventure mode allows the game to scale around you as you play, letting you face Diablo at level 18 and beat her if you have the right skillset. It does not require you to play through the story in chronological order and you can skip right to the last boss at level 1. This mode allows players to “farm” for gear and try to acclimate the best drops possible. 

Item drops have also been affected in a small way as well, monsters will only drop items based on your class and stats. Meaning you will no longer receive any drops that don’t benefit your class in some way – These apply to unique and rare drops only. Legendaries now scale based on your level and will improve as you go along. 

The crusader class is the new addition with the Reaper of Souls expansion, and is one of the strongest players in the game at the moment. Keep up with Corsual as we become your encyclopedia for all things Diablo 3