Blizzard announces hearthstone coming to mobile, iOS & Android

Hearthstone fans rejoice! No longer will those long train or bus commutes be cold without your deck in hand.

Hearthstone fans rejoice! Blizzards digital CCG has been in open beta for a few months now and features the best of every card game rolled into one. Player health, turn based mana, amazing animation and fast paced, Hearthstone is really hitting it off with Warcraft fans everywhere. Now the experience will be brought to you on your Iphone or Android! Hearthstone: Heroes is Warcraft is set to be released cross platform by mid-2014 says Blizzard. 


Players have been expecting this to happen for a while now, and the announcement makes it that much sweeter. The biggest test will be whether or not your saved data on your account will be saved from computer to phone. Assuming it will, as is a persistent thing across iOS and PC currently, this could make those long commutes to work all the better. Along with the announcement of the new platforms, major changes to the balance structure have been put into place and will be effective immediately. Cards such as Mind Control and Starving Buzzard have been greatly affected.  

Hearthstone is also scheduled to enter open beta within the next month or two, with keys currently being given out every week to anticipating players. Hearthstone is set to be fully released around Christmas of 2013.