Behind Godus, will molyneux deliver?

22Cans new title Godus hit steam early access a few weeks ago.

22Cans new title GODUS hit steam early access a few weeks ago and it’s been described as the “reimagining of the godgame”. From what I’ve heard on the grapevine, the game is truly addicting. To say the game has a unique look to it would be an understatement, the game features classic “god” abilities but also features very interesting graphics to boot, using 2d looking planes and textures with 3d rendering. 

“Project GODUS” has some pretty big names behind it but the big picture here is Peter Molyneux, the salesman turned game developer & director is most commonly known for Dungeon Keeper, Black & White and the Fable series. Molyneux is nobody new to the game industry, being around since practically the inception of video games, he’s obviously a great person to have behind a project that is supposed to be reimagining how a genre of games works. Unfortunately Peter is known for his fervent promises and the unfortunate lack of delivery behind them, it’s no secret that he is an admirably creative person that puts passion into everything he is involved in, but some of the promises and dreams for Godus might be too much.

The game is supposed to be set upon a belief system that your settlers in the village you control follow. The more belief you have, presumably the stronger you become with more powers and options available to you. Molyneux promises that they want to have a system with multiplayer, persistent worlds and seamless interaction between abilities and powers. He also wants to have a feature aimed towards the growth of your town, the longer settlers stay in your village or area, the more it will thrive and they will actually add to the landscape and improve. Whether all those features will be put in place, or whether they will just be yet another failed delivery is still in speculation. 

Are “god games” a dying breed?

There hasn’t really been a grand innovation in the god gaming field in a long time, I say this like it’s an incredibly large scale genre of the video game world but it’s still a nice that needs to be looked at. Reus launched not too long ago and that satisfied players cravings for a short while yet it fell short itself due to lack of content and overall lack of direction on the controls, it left me feeling disappointed and wanting more. I haven’t played any god games since Pocket God for the iOS 5 years ago, and before that, Black & White. But there is certainly something to be desired in a game like Godus that offers something fresh, with a unique style from some pretty admirable people.

With the addition of multiplayer to the game it will add a whole new element to god games in general, with the ability to interact with other players and even the idea in the first place that you can show others your thriving population, it’s definitely a change to look forward to. The team at 22Cans claims that threat of another player coming to pervert and corrupt your following, as well as your town and land, is ever present. It’ll be a very strange experience to have to deal with a multiplayer presence if you choose that route, but then again who am I kidding, that will probably be the most fun part of the game. There is something so satisfying about playing a game that you can create a tornado with the tap of a button and destroy an entire civilization, I can’t imagine how fun it will be to do it to other players. 

The question is still up in the air if this will be yet another promise that Molyneux can’t keep, or could this game be yet another time sink for mindless fun of epic proportions, especially with the multiplayer involved. As a long-time supporter of Molyneux’s work I can only hope that his promises and the team at 22Cans studios will deliver the true reimagining of godgames, or crash and burn in a finger flicking, mouse clicking, whirlwhind of digital meteors. 

Godus can be picked up through early access on Steam and will hopefully be coming to iOS and android.